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About Us.

Madras Company was established in 1975, as a result of  Stephanos Papatzialas decision to devote himself to his passion,  “Tea”  and  be involved professionally with tea and its culture. His aim was to make well known in Greece the most widespread beverage in the world, besides water, “Tea”. Through his efforts over the years, his private enterprise expanded and developed into a true House of Tea.

And in 1991, the Madras retail “Tea Shop” was opened, offering more than 400 varieties that can satisfy tea connoisseurs. The shop also has a large collection of teapots, mugs, strainers, infusers, and items complementary to the preparation and serving of tea.

Nowadays, we import tea from all the major tea producing countries in bulk as well as in tea bags. We personally select our blends to meet the satisfaction of the consumers in our target markets. The ability to blend teas is a specialty that S. Papatzialas gained by traveling in the tea producing countries and receiving training and direction from the major international Tea Research Institutes, with which he keeps in contact. Today, he shares his knowledge and experience by training the younger members of the company.

As the primary goal is to ensure the quality of our products, we chose to pack our tea at the points of production and insure the use of the latest packaging technology available.  Our products are distributed to domestic retailers and wholesalers, and are also exported to the neighbouring Balkan countries as well as in Europe.

Our extensive experience in the Greek market has benefited our understanding of the new trend towards natural and traditional products, part of which are herbs. We wanted to include high quality pest free herbs to our range of teas, and in this respect we approached the Benaki Phytopathological Institute; and received their knowledgeable advice on the methods of non-chemical protection against pests. As a result all our products retain all their organoleptic ingredients. 

Our trademark teas can be found under the following brand names:

Madras ™ – Teas that are marketed for their high quality and very competitive prices.

Champion ™ - A collection of exclusive and rare teas for connoisseurs.

Pop’s Cup ™ – With consistent quality at extremely low prices

Chinese Dragon ™ – A range of all kinds of teas, including exceptional and rare types, originating in China.

Tips & Buds ™ – A selection of tea and herbs in advanced airtight packages that retain their aroma, taste, freshness and organoleptic ingredients..

All our packages contain information on tea and interesting tips.

You are invited to the “World of Tea” to acquaint yourself with the varieties of tea and its preparations. We believe that you will find a tea of your satisfaction in our “House of Tea” and a new experience that makes the tea   “The Cup that Cheers”.