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Our company is 100% of Greek interests.

Darjeeling TeaIn 1953, India founded a government organization, which registered internationally the name “Darjeeling” as a geographical indication accompanied by a unique logo which verifies that the tea is 100% Darjeeling.
The fixing of the Certificate Scheme by the Government covers not only all stages from cultivation level to the export stage but it also grants the right to use the name and the logo of Darjeeling to those who distribute genuine Darjeeling tea, providing them with a special identification number after the relevant license.
The Madras House of Tea is the first company to have earned the privilege of using both the name and logo of Darjeeling, thus having the vanguard of the license not only in Greece but also in the neighboring Balkan countries. 100% genuine Darjeeling tea is marketed under our brand names Madras™, Tips & Buds™ and Champion™ in teabags and packages from the 87 verified tea gardens.
Dio Inspection & Certification Organization of Organic Products, accredited by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food according to the decision 305612 (Gov. Journal : 1082/11-06-2008). Certifies that our company has satisfied the requirements of Reg. (EC) 834/2007 and all of its modifications thereof, regarding packaging, storing and trading of herbal teas.