A place for Tea drinkers. Welcome to our House of Tea

Coffee shops, spice shops, groceries of traditional goods.

If you own a coffee shop, a spice shop or a grocery of traditional goods, we can definitely help you create a “small tea-corner” and enlarge your sales.
You can select according to your customers’ preferences:

  • Loose Tea (black, oolong, green and white) from our 400 different types
  • Teabags and sachets of good quality
  • Rooibos (plain or flavoured) in loose and in laminated foil envelopes
  • Greek Herbs of bio-farming in modern airtight zip-packages
  • Herbs in laminated foil sachets that retain freshness and flavor
  • Accessories  such as tins, strainers, teapots and mugs of different material (porcelain, glass, cast iron, ceramic), paper filters etc